Bounce House Brawlers

Production Time: 02/2018 - 05/2018

 Full Game:
Bounce House Brawl on Itch.Io

Bounce house brawl is the third game I worked.
As A programmer, I worked on:
-Player Controls
-Animation Implementation
-Menu UI
-Bounce Mechanic

Bounce Code:

This is the first game I implemented co-routines, which really helped with preventing players from spamming attacks. If I worked on this game again I would have liked to fine tune all of the attacks as well as the taunts and UI.

My goal working on the game was recreating the fun of custom levels in Super Smash Bros. There were these fantastic fan made levels throughout Brawl, WiiU, and Ultimate where players would be encased in rooms with very few openings, and as the fighters damage increased, they would chaotically bounce around until one of the fighters would fly through the narrow exits and fly off stage. Not at all the intentions of the fighter, but it was a fun way to abuse a mechanic. To not rip off Smash Bros, we replaced a percentage with imaged on the bottom of the screen where the player can see their character in 5 stages, which in turn are the 5 intensities of bounce. The final bounce system was as close to my vision I could have reached as an undergrad with a full set of classes and 12 week deadline.

One of the more fun, simple mechanics I implements was the UI. Most of it was simple lists the player chose from, the level screen was such a fun challenge. Certain levels were only designed for 2 players, while other were made for 2-4 (inspired by Smash Ultimates limitations for 8 player smash. Having to code a way for a list of levels to be unselectable when 3-4 players are playing was an absolute blast.

I am grateful for the time I had working on the game, and I don't think there was much else to add to the game other than QOL improvements. Bounce House Brawlers taught me fighters are an absolute challenge to develop, even if the main goal is to be a party game. Balancing fighters and making each level feel fair was much more challenging than any of us anticipated. 

At least we got the taunt button in last minute.